Keep Austin Mobile – Rides with “No Rules”

4 October, 2011

Cory and Randy are the heart and soul of Keep Austin Mobile (KAM), a locally grown, grassroots organization. Helping people is their passion. With a team of four to five volunteers, a part time employee, and four donated vehicles, KAM provides rides for people in need, in and around Austin.

They specialize in providing safe, reliable, friendly transportation at little or no cost with no strings attached. Their clients are often low-income, no income, elderly, cancer patients, people with a disability, or people that need to travel with their pets that are not otherwise able to secure transportation. They bring people to a variety of appointments including medical appointments and treatment, vet appointments for pets, art lessons, and job interviews. Cory and Randy have great stories about building relationships and finding ways to help people with important aspects of life that require transportation.

What seems like a simple trip to some of us can be an overwhelming or near impossible endeavor for other members of our community. While other transportation organizations, taxi services, and public transportation options often have complicated schedules, rules about pets, wait time limitations, and service area limits, KAM can boast that they ”have no rules.” This is where Keep Austin Mobile shines — filling gaps and finding ways to get people where they need to be. Donations are accepted but not required. Their experience is that people usually give as they are able.

Bread for the Journey of Austin is proud to have recently partnered with Keep Austin Mobile with a grant of $1,000 for gas and for planning a recent successful fundraiser. Keep Austin Mobile is keeping it simple, making great things happen and is on the cusp of exciting growth as an organization.